UniCool was established in 2000 to design, install and maintain a comprehensive and versatile range of technical advanced cooling solutions. Today we have offices in Denmark, Tanzania and Kenya and are supplying solutions in more than 14 countries around the world. Our key markets includes, advance precision air conditioning and modular access floors for data rooms and telecom industry, HVAC solutions for hotels, healthcare, office and industrial cooling for food and medical industries. UniCool believes that a major factor in the success of its business is due to the high level of focus on quality awareness in all aspects of the supplied solutions; design, material choices, suppliers, installation and commissioning, while providing cost efficient solutions both in terms of initial capital investment and long-term operational cost for our clients. To ensure the right level of quality in our supplied solutions UniCool has a flat organization which allows for efficient sharing of experiences to continuously develop our in-house capabilities. UniCool’s suppliers have been chosen based on a combination between quality and cost, enabling us to tailor solutions specifically to clients’ needs Tornado Cash App and budgets. The range of products complies with all major renowned international standards for the cooling and refrigeration industry and we are ISO 9001:2008 certified in Denmark. UniCool has the capability to provide solutions based on the latest technology from market leaders, anywhere in the world; from Darfur to Moscow. In close co-operation with our clients we develop innovative solutions focusing on economy, environment and reliability. With the customers in mind we create solutions that meet their needs